As a new publisher who desire to start first net earnings through their weblog or web pages , may start with Google , it is not very difficult. If we systematically follow some rules it will be very fruitful . Just at the very beginning we should always try some popular reputed programs which has nothing to lose or no financial obligations and which are 100% free to sign up.
Just take the name "Google" , which is very genuine company to encourage all new ones through Google AdSense and Google Adword programs. If you are Google account holder than you can create free blog in and also get scope to share revenue through Google referrals programs, but one should open and make active his Google AdSense account.

Google AdSense
is tool by which a publisher can publish related Google Ads on the content pages of blog or website and thus share revenue.

Again, one may provide Google search on their page and displaying Ads on the search result pages may again earn revenue.

Publishers will earn revenue either by CPC i.e. cost -per-click and CPM i.e. cost-per-1000-impressions Ads which publisher provide on their pages. Actually advertisers pay only when user clicks on ads or for ads which appears on the publishers pages.

All these can be done absolutely free, there is no obligation , no starting fee require and starting is also very easy and a matter of few minutes.

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